Astrological Profile of Narendra Modi

Karaka Planets by placements etc: Venus, Mars, Mercury and Rahu

Functional Karaka by yogas: Sun, Moon, and Rahu

Strongest Karaka: Saturn and Venus

VargottamaPlanet: Venus

Negative Planet by placement: Jupiter

Situational Negative planets: Moon and Venus

Yogas :

Chandra MangalYuti in 2nd house

  1. Budh Aditya Yoga in 12th house
  2. NeechbhangRajyoga due to Moon debilitated, Mars in own house and Moon being 10th Lord.


  1. A very strong chart manifesting strong mental health. A person who is very strategic communicator in terms of timing, matter and content but at times his strong comments put him in controversy and he ends up making friends into foe.
  2. Till the age of 36 yrs he remained a silent worker immediately after that due to activation of Neechbhanga raja yoga, he found increase in his followers and beginning of his active political career. Hence, Moon Dasa starting from 2012 and more specifically from Feb 2014 will see more pronounced effects of this Yoga.
  3. Budh Aditya yoga in his chart especially as Sun (11th lord) and its placement in 12th house makes strong Budh Aditya yoga giving him strong administrative and metal abilities. The Position of Sun also gives support from people in Govt Authority. Hence, Sun Dasahave been good, while Mercury Dasa will not come in his lifetime.
  4. Moon’s positioning  in Lagna Chart and Navamsa will make him faced with and sustaining severe metal pressure but as Lagna lord Venus is strongly placed and Tula Lagna gives good metal stabilities he will be able to overcome and handle any type of mental pressure without adverse impact on his performance and concentration. However, he must devote time on Yoga etc.
  5. Moon’s position in Lagna Chart and Venus-Rahu placement in Navamsa makes him extremely emotional & passionate with ladies and also vulnerable from ladies. He will always have, revolt from/discredit due to, ladies. Hence he should not confide anything to ladies and should not keep any lady confidant.
  6. Rahu in his chart plays dual role of continuously creating enemies within and out side the party but also ensures those who rise against him are neutralised.
  7. Jupiter poses threat for his Liver problems, indigestion and intestine, this will also keep him entangled in legal battles.
  8. Mars poses threat for Blood Pressure and Blood related problems.

Current Phase

  • As he is going through impact of Neech bhang raja yoga since 1986 and currently running under Dasa of karaka of this yoga Moon since 2012 with strongest phase commenced in Feb 2014, he will have edge over all his opponents within and outside the party. He may either fall little short of required number of support (LS Seats) or strong negotiation by ally in forming govt, making the process turbulent and for this he will have to work extra hard in building / strengthening  alliances after the results are announced. However, he remains strongest contender for the post of PM among all those running for the Post.
  • His term will be very volatile as he will bring revolutionary changes in functioning of govt and also party.
  • He will be under threat for attack on his life but no fatality seen due to position of Mars. He will face problems in dealing with Islamic nations i.e Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.
  • He needs to be very careful in selecting people surrounding him as out of them only few will either work clandestinely or revolt against him. He should ensure no lady in close associate/close circle as that will bring disrepute/revolt from her.
  • He has growth period full of volatility till 2025.